Heartbeat 0.2



To love yourself sounds very simple, but it is actually the most complex relationship we are facing in our life as humans. Knowing yourself and accepting yourself with all your demons is the main step to loving yourself. If you cannot accept and love your own diversity, you will not be able to love the other. Unconditional love is unconditional acceptance. Each of us carries different colours in ourselves - dark, light, white, black and red. Guided by the understanding that we should love all of them, we redesign our Heartbeat necklace in three colors.

It’s 3D printed, made of porcelan and hand painted.

What is your colour - white, black or red? Or maybe all together. 

Order an expression of love, coloured in a different palette. Know Yourself. Love yourself.






Product Care
TYMD jewelry is made from delicate components and special coatings. Therefore, all pieces must be handled gently and with care. For example, do not casually toss jewlery into bags or allow jewelry to hang loosely in luggage. In order to maintain the colors and textures not recommend spray perfumes on them. Do not use any liquid cleaning solutions of any kind. Please enjoy and handle with care!