Sobre TMYD

At TakeMyYellowDress , the motto is IF YOU FEEL IT, WEAR IT.

From our Barcelona-based studio, the creative team sources the finest materials, new sustainable options and production innovations, using both technical and creative skills to consistently challenge convention. 

TMYD designs are combining traditional jewelry techniques, handmade pieces collaborating with local artisans and innovative 3D printing techniques.

Under the founder and creative , Tsveta Trendafilova guidance, TMYD strives to amplify your individual creative style with pieces which tell something from you, not only decorative but a great feeling explainer. 

Tsveta worked in the fashion and arts industry for more than 10 years. Traveling around the world and working closely with big manufactures as well as artisans, she had the opportunity to see the many faces of the industry before she found the professional-personal balance and decided to create TMYD. What started as a personal project 6 years ago, has become a brand that represents uniqueness. 

The passion for the different cultures symbolism, philosophy,  the love for the ancient and modern art and the never ending curiosity of how human feelings and emotions work, leads the brands language to the figurative Surrealism and the renewed Amulet concept – evolving deeply personal collections of storytelling jewelry imbued with symbolical narratives.

Reflecting on the emotional relationship between the person and the object, TMYD designs embrace surprising touchpoint for the imagination. Metal is worked not to look as metal, with unexpected combinations of color, textures and coatings. Materials such as real preserved flowers, velvet or rubber coated components, marble look metals or 3D printed ceramics are used as a dialogue between stories, jewelry and art.

Each piece pushes the boundaries of classical jewelry, merging the object and the emotions to create modern amulets.